Servicing Your Car

The aim at Pro-Tune is to provide an alternative cost effective service and repair service option to the main dealers. With qualified technicians, very well equipment workshop with the latest equipment, where all parts used are original equipment or approved to the manufactures standard to protect your warranty. All work also comes with a 12 month Parts and Labour Guarantee.

First of all I would like to say that we never use anything in your car that we don’t use in ours.

 Car Service at the highest standards from Pro-Tune

For all new cars still within the manufacturers warranty period, a service at a garage is recommended. Our garage makes sure that your manufacturer’s warranty is protected. Furthermore once that warranty runs out, or if you have an older car, we will still provide you with a first class service.

Servicing new cars see:- Block Exemption

 Here are some of the products we use when servicing your car and the reasons we use them.

We tend to flush the engine and use additive to clean and condition the fuel system on all services we do.

There are a growing number of manufacturers recommending this in their normal service schedule, as they can see the benefits. Longer service intervals and tighter emission control mean you need to look after the engine and fuel system.

We check the battery condition on all services using a smart computerised battery tester.

We check the water content and condition of the brake fluid.

We also coat all brake pipes, cable and adjustment rods with a spray grease formula to stop corrosion and to prevent seizure.

We have been doing this on cars we service for years and it’s very apparent it makes a big difference to the life of the components and corrosion.

Brake Fluid

Every two or three years your car will need its brake fluid changing as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer: why?

Brake fluid is hydroscopic; that is it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. It can soak up as much as 2% of moisture in 1 year. This lowers the boiling point.

Moisture in the braking system can start to cause corrosion to occur on the internal components and surfaces. it could also lead to the sticking and seizing of pistons and cylinders.  Moisture lowers the boiling point of the fluid which can even cause sudden brake failure.

Why service air-conditioning

recommend servicing every 2 to 3 years.

air-condition systems need periodic servicing to keep them operating at their most efficient.

The A/C system loses gas over time. This is unavoidable.

The gas in air-conditioning systems is hydroscopic just like brake fluid. It soaks up moisture that gets into the system through hoses and connections, it  also loses gas out of the same places.

By servicing, you remove the moisture and debris from the system, clean the gas that has been retrieved and fill the system with the correct amount of gas and lubricant.

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