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We have all the latest equipment to recover fault codes and interrogate vehicle management systems.

The process of doing diagnostic involves some detective work. The first part is to check the car,s control system to see if any fault codes stored, If there is a code stored this might indicate the faulty part or just the  place to start the second part of the diagnostic.

Reading the fault codes is the easy part, now it's time to check thing out using a digital metre and oscilloscope, checking values against know good values to see if the problem is with the indicated fault code part or somewhere else. The time spent doing the second part of the diagnostic is where our skill and most time is spent.  

  • ABS
  • SRS
  • Air Conditioning
  • Engine Management - Petrol and Diesel
  • Can Bus
  • Climate Control System
  • Service Light and Indicator Re-Set
  • Ignition Key Re-Programming
  • Immobilizer and Alarm System
  • Transmission Systems

SP Diagnostic

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